There are numerous local Bens, tranquile and pleasent. All can take a long time to walk to the top and back.

Mountain across the road.
"An Sidhean" (546m)
380 metre upwards on a distance of 2 miles return hotel. You need to be sure footed and quite strong.
Cannot recomend the final part as it is steep with some potential of falls over rocky slopes, although it is worth the effort.
Sunny hot day, hard casual walk 2 hours to ascend and 30 minutes fast walk to descend, super fit fast walk assent in 22 minutes and walk up into descending fog and will have trouble finding your way down.
Turn right left over the bridge and take left road, on right there is a path (can be slippery) up to forestry path turn right along on the left there is a large open space with path in far right hand side, mild assent, path left of peak front junction to right across and then junction bear off back up towards right of peak path wet mud and rocks also schree, path left towards front of peak, mud and rocks assent to peak front, walk over top to rear and zigzag down mud and rocks, junction (1) left to path steep down through pines muddy and wet, eventually joining path you came up.
Above Junction (1). Continued right may go to a car park? shown on a map?

"Ben Lawers" (1214m) is 17 miles up the road.
Hikers see more, but a single track road runs around the side at a high altitude and at about midway up, sign do not remove snow above, couple of car parks and road goes towards (Pitlochry, another 33 miles). Best at May to August. April to see Purple Saxifrage.
Best known for abbundant various alpine floral.
Mountain Hare, Raven, Mountain Ringlet and Northen Eggar

Weather can be extremely isolated and changable.
Hiking foot ware is a must have on. Shoes seem to work statisfactor going up but walking down is equal to walking backwards and typically slipping will happen especially in the wet, hopefully just a dirty back side.
If your hair starts to stand up, quickly in a safe manner, head for lower ground, to aviod potential lightning strike.
While walking through farmed land, read signs and abide any warnings, keep to paths and wear something bright.
Flag may be situated next to sign will possibly be flying in hunting season.

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